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LiFePo4 3500 Cycle/100Ah/12.8V

5,508,000 S.P

Measuring Unit: 100AH/12V

LiFePo4 12.8V/100Ah-3500 cycles

Standard Deep Cycle Lifepo4 Battery 25.6V/100Ah-C4
Standard Deep Cycle Lifepo4 Battery 25.6V/200Ah-C4
Premium long life Lifepo4 Battery 25.6V/100Ah-C6

• Super graphene lithium cells
• Light weight & compact design, Maintenance free.
• Smart elite BMS, Super safety design.
• Wider temperature range (-20◦ to 60◦) c.
• With same size of SLA batteries and 40% of its weight.

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2 Year Warranty