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Gel battery 2V/200Ah

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Measuring Unit: 200AH/2V


• Completely sealing throughout the battery’s life.
• Service life up to 18-20 years in continuous float operation down to approx.80% capacity.
• Gel electrolyte.
• Low gassing thanks to antimony-free alloy and internal oxygen recombination.
• Minimum space required and room requirements are minimal e.g., no washing facilities needed, ventilation requirements are minimal.
• Easy to move and handle.
• Easy install using cable connectors with insulated terminal covers.
• Ready for immediate use without further commissioning work.
• Can be supplied as a standard vertical installation or by special request, for a horizontal installation.
• Very low self-discharge <50% of rated capacity in 2 years at 20℃ ambient temperature.
• Deep discharge protected, a load can be connected to the battery for up to 4 weeks.
• No internal short circuits possible due to the gel structure.
• No acid stratification, so no equalizing charge necessary.

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2-5 Years Warranty