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OSDA 450-36-MH

2,956,500 S.P

Panel measurement unit: 450W

- Junction box:
• Water proof protection grade: IP67/IP68
• Safety level: class ll
• Maximum system voltage: 1500V
• Outstanding waterproof level
• Effectively resist harsh environments

- Frame:
• Strong mechanical load
• Resistance up to 5400 Pa
• Anodic oxidation layer resistant chemical corrosion

- Half-cut technology:
• New circuit design
• Lower internal current
• Lower internal resistance loss

- Significantly avoiding heat spot:
• The unique circuit design to reduce the temperature of heat spot significantly, so that to reduce the power loss and then increase the output of modules

- Lower cost:
• Increasing power generation can reduce the cost per KWh

- Excellent performance of PID resistance:
• The performance of PID resistance (Potential induced degradation) passed the standard of TUV Nord

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12 Year Warranty