Samsung launches HDR10+ gaming monitors


Samsung has announced that select 4K and 8K TVs and gaming monitors for 2022 will support the new HDR10+ gaming standard, providing an immersive and ultra-responsive HDR gaming experience for gamers.

The HDR10+ gaming standard is an extended, game-focused version of HDR10 that can also calibrate automatically. HDR10+ gaming was announced in October. But Samsung is now revealing the lineup that supports the standard.

The new, cutting-edge HDR gameplay will be revealed at CES 2022 along with a slate of 4K and 8K titles, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs. 

"We are very proud to announce that the new HDR10+ gaming standard is being adopted by Samsung's 2022 Neo QLED line with Q70 series TVs and gaming monitors," the company said. This allows users to enjoy the game experience with advanced visuals and richer realistic visuals.